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Project Description

ExplorViz is an open source research visualization approach, which uses dynamic analysis techniques to provide a live trace visualization of software landscapes. A static analysis support is currently under work. ExplorViz targets system and program comprehension for software landscapes or single applications while still providing details on the communication within an application. We utilize the 3D city metaphor combined with an interactive concept of showing only details that are in focus of the analysis. For best accessibility, ExplorViz is a web-based tool featuring cutting-edge technologies like WebGL and WebXR.

Given the 3D city metaphor visualization of an application, we investigate new interaction styles and higher immersion for a more effective and efficient program comprehension process. For this purpose, we utilize uprising technologies (AR, VR) and evaluate developed approaches in experiments with real test subjects.

The usability and effectiveness of ExplorViz has been investigated in controlled experiments which resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness over competing approaches.

How to cite ExplorViz

Wilhelm Hasselbring, Alexander Krause, Christian Zirkelbach (2020): ExplorViz: Research on software visualization, comprehension and collaboration. Software Impacts, Volume 6. DOI

More on ExplorViz

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